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St Mary, World’s End Lane, Green Street Green

With fields on two sides this is at the southern end of the built up area of the borough. It dates from 1937 and is by Newberry and Fowler.

green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_7  green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_
 green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_4  green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_2
 green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_3  green_street_green_st_mary_rc220217_6

St Paul, Crofton Lane, Crofton

The current church dates from 1958 and was designed by A.B. Knapp-Fisher, it replaced a small church of 1887 which is now used as a hall.

crofton_st_paul220217_27  crofton_st_paul220217_24
 crofton_st_paul220217_23  crofton_st_paul220217_25
 crofton_st_paul220217_10  crofton_st_paul220217_9
 crofton_st_paul220217_21  crofton_st_paul220217_17
 crofton_st_paul220217_1  crofton_st_paul220217_4
 crofton_st_paul220217_11  crofton_st_paul220217_6
 crofton_st_paul220217_16  crofton_st_paul220217_2

St Michael and All Angels, Crofton Road, Locks Bottom, Farnborough (Roman Catholic)

Built in 1961 and designed by Henry Bingham Towner

locks_bottom_st_michael_rc220217_6 locks_bottom_st_michael_rc220217_5
 locks_bottom_st_michael_rc220217_3  locks_bottom_st_michael_rc220217_

St Mary the Virgin, Hayes Street, Hayes

In the old village rather than near the station. This is a medieval church to which Gilbert Scott added a north aisle and restoration in 1856-62 and John Oldrid Scott added a south aisle in 1878. Thus only the tower, west wall and part of the chancel remain from the old church. There is a huge memorial to the Hambro banking family in the big churchyard.

 hayes_st_mary200217_54  hayes_st_mary200217_50
 hayes_st_mary200217_48  hayes_st_mary200217_51
 hayes_st_mary200217_3  hayes_st_mary200217_17
 hayes_st_mary200217_21  hayes_st_mary200217_24
 hayes_st_mary200217_33  hayes_st_mary200217_37
 hayes_st_mary200217_46  hayes_st_mary200217_35
 hayes_st_mary200217_44  hayes_st_mary200217_27
 hayes_st_mary200217_9  hayes_st_mary200217_16
 hayes_st_mary200217_25  hayes_st_mary200217_18

Christ Church, Highland Road, Bromley

Built 1888 and designed by local architect W.A. Williams. It sits in quiet suburbia north of the town centre.

bromley_christ_church200217_7  bromley_christ_church200217_6
 bromley_christ_church200217_3  bromley_christ_church200217_2

St Peter and St Paul, Church Road

At the north end of the town centre and like St Mark at the south end, destroyed but for its tower by 1941 bombing. The tower is medieval and the current church is by J. Harold Gibbons and dates from 1948-57. The apsidal children’s chapel is attached to the east of the tower and the main body of the church is to its south.

bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_29  bromley_christ_church200217_
 bromley_christ_church200217_1  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_22
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_21  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_26
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_24  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_30
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_17  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_16
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_13  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_14
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_15  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_20
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_2
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_12  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_11
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_4  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_6
 bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_9  bromley_st_peter_st_paul200217_18

Keston Church, Church Road, Keston

On its own, well south of the village and lacking a dedication. It is an early english church extended westwards by H. Blackwell in 1878.

keston_church200217_5 keston_church200217_4
 keston_church200217_2  keston_church200217_
 keston_church200217_1  keston_church200217_3